random malawian cichlid image
Lake Malawi
random tanganyikan cichlid image
Lake Tanganyika
random victorian cichlid image
Lake Victoria
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Other Africans
random out of africa cichlid image
Out of Africa
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Companion Catfish

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Over the years, we have kept a variety of African Cichlids from the three main African lakes: Malawi, Tanganyika, and Victoria, as well as those from Madagascar and various rivers and lakes throughout the continent. We have a special interest in cichlid conservation. Here you'll find pictures, articles, puzzles and videos of a great number of species, including content from fellow hobbyists who share our passion for these wonderful fish.

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with Greg Steeves
Co-hosted by Fellow Fish Geek, Ken McKeighen!

Join Greg and Ken on Under the Sea Radio as they talk to their friends and fellow aquarium enthusiasts. Expect the unexpected! Funny, informative and usually unintentionally insightful!

Greg Steeves and Ken McKieghen
Diane Tennison, Monica Osterholt and Lee Ann Steeves
Klaus Steinhaus of C.A.R.E.S and Kurt Johnston
Kurt Johnston - Aquarium Club of Lancaster County
Lawrence Kent - West Africa
Pam Chin - Conventions
Pam Chin - When Pam Wasn't There
Charles Jones Part 2 - The Hybrid Menace
Charles Jones Part 1 - The Hybrid Menace
Dave Schumacher - A Bit of Everything
Lawrence Kent - Uganda and Lake Victoria
Pam Chin - The First Show

For these episodes and more with Greg, head on over to Under the Sea Radio.

Cichlids of Africa
Volume I: The Haplochromines
Cichlids of Africa; Volume I: The Haplochromines

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