Species Article: Lake Victoria & Area

Haplochromis sp. 'ruby green'

by Terry Aalgaard, reprinted in his memory

This is one of the most beautiful fish that I have ever had. The colors of this fish get brighter when he is trying to mate. This Haplochromis is not really aggressive towards the females. I have had other Victorians and the males would kill the females. I have 3 of these fish in my 75 gallon community tank., 1M and 2F they are about 3" & 4" long. Its not a very aggressive fish and gets along well with other species. Haplochromis species will cross breed so you should not keep more than one Haplochromis species in a tank. I think any cross bred fish should be used as feeder fish. To many of these mutt fish are getting into the stores and people are having a hard time finding a "pure bred" fish. If you do breed fish, please be responsible and DO NOT let your fish cross breed.

Tank size; 15 gallon high 1 male & 1 females

Tank Temp: 78 to 82

Tank pH: 8.0

Breeding Information:

It is recommend to keep at least 2 to 3 females per male. As with a lot of Haplochromis the males can be aggressive towards the females when they want to mate. I have not found this to be true with this fish but I have also always had at least 2 females. Ruby greens are a mouth brooding species and will have from 12 to 30 fry per batch. If you want to save the fry you will need to put them in another tank from the parent fish as the adults will eat the fry. The female will mouth brood for 14 to 21 days, depending on the size of the fish and the number of fry in the batch. You can get a batch of fry about every 2 to 3 months, more if you strip your females. See my breeding page for info on stripping your fish. Also check out my fry page to get some basic fry care tips.

Copyright ©2000 by Terry Aalgaard , all rights reserved.
Reprinted with permission from his family.


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