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Malawi Mother's Tips for Newbies

Excerpt from the 'Saying Goodbye' post by Rohnda Pagan in our Forum

Remember to research fish before you buy them. Remember don't flush when they get sick. If you have to put them down, use the oil of clove and water trick to put them to sleep gently. You can search it here in the search bar for more details.

Remember to feed them a flake a couple times a day with perhaps a pellet once a day and a veggie such as romaine lettuce 1-2 times a week.

Also to do 25-33 percent water changes once a week and to use a dechlorinator with each water change.

Water parameters should be 0ppm (parts per million) on the Ammonia and nitrites, and 10-15 on the nitrates. pH values should be anywhere from 7.6-8.6 and temp should be between 75-80 degrees.

Remember to have lots of hiding places and oxygen circulation in the tank.

If your fish do not get along, remove bully for a time out for a couple days or longer. If bully still harrasses, you may have to replace him permanently.

Remember to not mix continental fish. No South Americans with African cichlids or no Central American fish with African cichlids. Remember that the common pleckos has a 50/50 chance with african cichlids and that it also gets very large and requires lots of food as it gets larger which also means it creates more waste. Think about these things before you purchase them.

Signs of illness are, staying at the top of water with little movement or hiding under a HOB (hang on back) filter, staying at the bottom of the tank at the gravel site with little movement, turning lighter colors such as white or pale. Swollen stomach area (usually Malawi Bloat), no evacuation for several days, red sores, black specks that seem to be reproducing, stringy things hanging from fish's body, cloudy eyes usually means it got bit in the eye by another fish and they do this a lot. It will clear in a few days. Swollen eye means popeye and fish can lose an eye. Then there is stress. If a fish is being bullied, living in bad water environment or is not getting required food, fish can become sick with any of the things mentioned above. Stress is the number one killer amongst aquarium fish. Not that it actually kills your fish but it starts out without you even knowing it and usually turns to an illness. It's important to watch your fish carefully. Check them each day to make sure they are healthy and happy. If you see your fish having any of these signs, do a search here or ask in the forum under the illness tab. If it's an emergency, I suggest you do the search first. You may find your answer is just one click away and save yourself a couple days that could be vital for your fish.

Article Copyright ©2010 by Rohnda Pagan, all rights reserved.


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