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Six Easy Steps to an Egg Tumbler

by Brad Harrison

Parts Required

  • Two pieces of fiberglass or plastic screen. (Do not use any type of metal screen)
  • One piece of clear plastic pipe. (I used the tube from an old gravel vacuum for this one)
  • Two P.V.C. pipe couplings. (These must fit over the end of the clear pipe)
  • A section of airline.
  • An airline gang valve. (You can get one of these at your local petstore)
  • A suitable air pump.

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Step 1

Wrap one of the pieces of fiberglass screen over one end of the clear pipe and cap it with one of the PVC pipe couplings.

Step 2

Wrap and cap the other end of the pipe same as step #1.

Step 3

Trim away excess screen material. You can use a razor blade to trim it up after the scissors if you want.

Step 4

Cut an "X" just big enough to slide airline into one end of the screen.

Step 5

Slide one end of the airline into the "X".

Step 6

Attach the gang valve and air pump as shown.


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