General Article: Lake Tanganyika, Tank Setups

Tanganyika Tank Setup #1

by Lee Ann Steeves

One of the nicest Tanganyikan setups I've seen was in a 58 gallon tank with a handful of species, each beautiful, and each inhabiting its own niche in the tank.

It was filtered with an Aquaclear 2 with two sponges, and heated to the usual 79 degrees. The substrate consisted of fine sand, white mixed with a darker sand which made a very pleasing blend. The sand was a fairly thin layer, with hills and valleys, most likely created by the fish themselves. Dark slate rocks were piled up along the center back and along one side, and several plants, including Java Fern and Anubias barteri were growing here and there, some even in the rocks. One front corner of the tank was fenced off with some round stones to help contain the shell pit for the shell dwellers. Within this pit were about nine round shells, each about the size of a ping pong ball.

Inhabiting the middle and upper strata of the water column was a group of about half a dozen Cyprichromis. Along the sandy bottom were some Enantiopus, and in the shell pit was a nice colony of Neolamprologus multifasciatus. A pair of Julidochromis took up residence in some of the caves in the rocks, and a rogue Neolamprologus brichardi patrolled the rest of the caves.

This tank enjoyed small, relatively infrequent water changes of about 15-20% once a month, but feeding was carefully controlled so that wastes didn't have a chance to pollute the tank.

Diet for these fish consisted almost entirely of a staple flake for tropical fish supplemented with biweekly feedings of baby brine shrimp and krill.


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