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Yssichromis pyrrhocephalus

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One of our favorite cichlids was caught in the act. I hope we can get her to hold to term and have a good number of fry to work with. We'd love to establish this species in the hobby.


This Lake Victoria cichlid gets its name from a red blaze sported by males in breeding dress... it means 'fire head'. This open-water zooplankton eater had to adapt to life among the rocks in order to escape the Nile Perch, which had driven it to near-extinction in the 1950's.


Another of assemblage of beautiful cichlids from Makobe Island is 'Haplochromis" thereuterion. This fish was very rare until just recently. Originating from German stock, this fish was instantly in high demand. It is referred to as the Cyprichromis of Lake Victoria however, this fish is much more aggressive than its Tanganyikan counterpart. Because of its stunning coloration, small size and adaptability to the aquarium, it is still extremely popular. Thanks to the dedication of some very good Lake Victoria cichlid breeders, the numbers of these fish and availability to the hobbyist has increased. This is a must have species on any Vic breeders list.

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Yssichromis pyrrhocephalus

Yssichromis pyrrhocephalus

Yssichromis pyrrhocephalus


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